Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Main Street Street Fellowship?

Main Street Fellowship is the name of our English Ministry. We are a part of Chinese Chinese in Christ along with the Mandarin and Cantonese ministries. We serve along other church members in all of our different ministries including kids, teens, Missions, and Elderly.

Our name was chosen for two reasons. First, it is the location of our church. We are on Main Street across from Baja Cactus and next to St. John’s Catholic Church. Second, and more importantly, our name is our mission. The Good News of Jesus Christ is to be the center of our lives and the center of every city. In smaller towns, Main Street is the center. Here in Milpitas, Main Streets was its first street and center of this town dating back to the 1800s. While Main Street is no longer the center of our city, we seek to take the Good News of Jesus to the center of our work, schools, and neighborhoods.

Why Chinese Church in Christ?

The Good News of Jesus is for all people and there is a church that will meet your needs and where you will find a group of people who you will call your spiritual family. We recognize that culture is relevant to our faith and community. At Main Street Fellowship and CCIC, we hope to see God bring different people to our church. Our differences include countries of origin, languages and dialects, other religious upbringings but our commonality is found in following Christ. We welcome everyone who wishes to be a part of our spiritual family to join our church.

Do you have a nursery?

Yes, it’s located next to the kitchen. And we have caring people who will take care of your infant ages 1-2 so you can relax and worship God. Older kids have Sunday School classes right next to the nursery.

I have teenagers. What do you have for them?

We have two Sunday School classes for Junior and Senior High students at 9:30am and a Teen Worship Service at 11am.